Announcing the All-New Board Game Ranking Engine

We’ve updated the Board Game Ranking Engine to give it an all new experience. Find out more here!

Hello, Meeples!

This is an exciting day for us here at the Pub. Why you ask?  It’s simple. We love to provide gaming resources to the wonderful people in the hobby and today, we get to add a new one to the site.

We are proud to announce our latest resource: the Board Game Ranking Engine – and just in time for the end of year game ranking season.

This tool will allow anyone to quickly and easily rank a list of games of their choosing. It works by presenting you two games from the list you import and asking you to pick which one you like better, think is the better game, or are most excited about playing – whatever your criteria is. After a series of these comparisons, you will receive a ranked list of all the games you imported.

Some Lists to Rank:

  • Your collection
  • Your favorite expansions
  • Your wish list
  • Games played/purchased at a con
  • BGG top 50 or 100
  • Games from a certain year
  • Games from a certain family


Keep in mind that the more games you load into the ranking engine, the longer it will take to complete.

Importing your list is simple. Just copy and paste (or type) a list of games into the provided text box. This can come from anywhere – just make sure that each game is on a separate line.

This is just the beginning for this tool. It is very much in an alpha state so we are continuing to squash bugs and add functionality to it. If you see any problems or have any suggestions please leave us a comment here or contact us here.

Well? What are you waiting for?


The Board Game Ranking Engine is just the latest resource Pub Meeple has provided to the gaming community. We really enjoy giving back to the hobby we love. Feel free to check out some of our other resources below.

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