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Meet the Founders

Brian | Webmaster

There are few things in life that I enjoy more than gathering around a table with people to make new shared memories through the interactions board games create. I have been playing board games my whole life, but I have been focused on them as a hobby for the past 15+ years. Board games offer a unique medium for social interaction and fun. I really look forward to playing these games with my kids as a way to interact and stay connected with them. In the last several years, I have delved into board game design and found something that really satisfies my need to create in a way nothing else has.

  • Favorite Games: Star Wars Rebellion, Carcassonne, 4X games, Legacy games
  • Favorite Mechanisms: Worker Placement, Resource/Financial Markets, Deck Building
  • Childhood Favorites: Clue: The Great Museum Caper, The Omega Virus, Mystery Mansion

Bryan | Video Guru

My grandfather was a gamer and spent hours introducing me to great games at a young age. Through the years of LARPing and role playing, my love for the boards, cards, and minis never dwindled. Now I spend my free time filming videos and finding excuses to play the next game.

  • Favorite Games: Pente, Survive, Descent
  • Favorite Mechanisms: Abstract, Area Movement
  • Favorite Vintage Game: Win, Place, and Show

Gary | Podcaster Extraordinaire

I grew up playing video games and dabbled in a few CCGs and the BattleTech board game in high school. I had otherwise lived peacefully without any knowledge of the hobby board games industry until Shuck lured me into a game of Lords of Waterdeep at our local game store in 2013. It was at that game night that I met Bryan as well. I was hooked. I started building a game collection of my own so I could share my love of board games with friends and family. In particular, I enjoy playing games with my four young children and introducing them to the hobby.

  • Favorite Games: Small World, Agricola, Suburbia, Viticulture, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game
  • Favorite Mechanisms: Worker Placement, Set Collection, Tile Laying

Shuck | Graphic Designer

As a child I grew up on consoles and card games. Many, many hours were logged playing the NES but my family also taught me quality board games like Trumpet and Survive. As a teenager, I mostly played Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, or Chess. It was around this time, though, that I began dabbling in web design and Photoshop. My first experience in the modern board gaming hobby was after I played Carcassonne in college and went crazy finding ultra-rare pieces in German magazines. Now I enjoy developing games by observing the world around us and combining it with aesthetically pleasing graphic design.

  • Favorite Games: SDeus, Takenoko, Agricola
  • Favorite Mechanisms: Engine Building, Drafting, Set Collection
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