A game that comes with as many components as Star Wars Rebellion is a prime candidate for a foam core insert. I think it is a well-established fact that Fantasy Flight inserts aren’t the best but, honestly, I don’t blame them. Coming up with an insert for this game was a challenge, at least the way I wanted to approach it.

One of the main reasons I create an insert for a game is to reduce set up and tear down time. Storing the game is just a useful by-product of this. This means, not just getting everything in the box, but getting everything in the box so that the game comes out as set up as it can be.

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Darth Vader

With this insert, setting the game up is simple. Each piece that comes out simply sits on the table. The Rebel and Imperial component boxes come with the starting leaders, their mission and action cards, and their units and loyalty markers – everything in one box. The remaining leaders are in a half box that stands up on the table to form a gallery so players have easy access. The cards that go on the board are in a small separate piece that doesn’t have to stay on the table taking up space. The rest of the tokens, dice, and tactics cards are in their own piece that just sits down the table. All card storage was designed so that cards can be easily drawn from them.

I have no idea how Fantasy Flight can possibly expand this game. It seems so complete as is, but who knows. There is still plenty of room in the box (there is a 32 mm riser to lift everything else to the top) for expansions if they ever come.

Anyway, that’s probably enough. You can check out the pictures and pick up the plans below to make it yourself if it strikes your fancy. As always, if you see something that needs to be fixed please contact us or leave a comment.

Please note: The starting Leaders are stored under the Mission Cards in the faction trays.

I have not acquired the expansion yet so I was unsure of how I was going to tackle adding it to the insert. Fortunately, Kevin (from the comments) has given us a work around until something more permanent materializes. I have not tried this yet. Here are his suggestions and a couple pictures to illustrate.

New Miniatures – I put the new figures in with the old that have a summary resource icon, so now I have to do a little searching.

New Objectives – The new objective cards fit nicely with the old.

New Advanced Tactics Decks – The new mission cards make the deck too large to rest over the starting leaders as they were, BUT the new advanced tactic decks, two for each player, take up that space nicely.

New Mission Cards – I threw all the damage tokens on top of the destroyed planet markers, and the remaining space holds one mission deck, then I removed the old tactic cards from the game, removed the divider, and that holds the other mission deck.

New Action Cards – The new action cards fit lovely in their assigned space, albeit a wee bit tighter.

5mm Foam Core
Self-healing cutting mat
Metal ruler with cork back
Elmer’s Glue All
Retractable Utility Knife
Dressmaker pins

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I love to see other people get good use out of the plans I create. This section is dedicated to you who have created and shared this foam core insert. Thank you! If you have built these plans and shared them, contact us and let us know so we can add your pictures to our gallery.