I had been looking at Anachrony for a while before I bought it. That’s just the place I am in right now with buying new games. This always means reading the rulebook for me. So when the game ended up on my front porch I knew that it would have quite a few components. But the amount that ended up being physically on the table was still a shock.

A big deterrant to a game hitting the table for me is the amount of set up and teardown time. This is what got me started on this whole foam core box insert thing. I need to be able to get it on and off the table quickly.

So after seeing the amount of components in Anachrony, I knew this game would be getting the box insert treatment. What resulted is the most complex insert I’ve created to date. It is a very tight fit.


5mm Foam Core
Self-healing cutting mat
Metal ruler with cork back
Elmer’s Glue All
Retractable Utility Knife
Dressmaker pins

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If you haven’t built a foam core insert before check out our Foam Core Basics post.

There are a couple important things you need to note about this insert:

  • This insert includes the base game, the Exosuit expansion and all of the modules included in both.
  • I have included 2 ways to handle the Breakthroughs. I’ll detail these below. Either will work fine but I wanted to include both so that you could do which ever you prefer.
    • Method 1 is two trays – one big, one small. The advantage to this method is that all the BTs are stored near the top of the box so you don’t have to get all of the module boxes out to get to them.
    • Method 2 is one tray but it is stored at the bottom. This means one tray to put on the table but you have to remove the other module boxes to get to it.

Check out the pictures and pick up the plans below to make it yourself if it strikes your fancy. As always, if you see something that needs to be fixed or if you have a question please contact us or leave a comment.


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