The Pub Meeple Game Card Template was originally designed as a physical representation of one’s collection in playing card form. Each card has a brief description of gameplay, player count, length of play, etc. The Game Cards have a multitude of uses: to show off your collection, quick rules reference, or a game night randomizer. Our hope is that they can be a helpful resource to fellow gamers.


  • Download the Game Cards Template (below) to your PC.
  • Each field of the template is completely editable. Just click to start editing.
  • The stars at the bottom are intended for difficulty ratings.
  • Press the “Reset Form” button to clear the template.
  • Click “Add Card Art” to add your own custom art. (Template below)
  • The browsing file extension defaults to .pdf
  • Make sure to select the correct file extension for your artwork.

Note: If you are having trouble importing your artwork into the template, PDF-XChange Viewer is a free viewer you can use which works.

  • Print as “Actual Size” under print options.
  • Score and fold along the “Fold Line” then glue together.
  • Cut along the dark green boxed lines shown on the description side.

Final Product

Once you are done creating your Game Cards you can display them proudly in a card binder for all to see.

Download Card Art Templates