When Scythe first showed up on my doorstep I was excited to give it the foam core treatment. The excitement faded as I saw the custom storage solutions already included. It faded more when I realized that an insert wasn’t going to help much with set up since all the pieces ended up on a board in some form or fashion. I concluded that the current storage for the game was good enough for now.


5mm foam core Self-healing Cutting Mat Metal Ruler With Cork Back Elmer's Glue All Retractable Utility Knive Dressmaker Pins

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Then the expansion came out and I wanted to fit the game all in one box. My interest in organizing it came back and the result is what you see below.

To be clear, this insert accommodates everything in the Kickstarter Collectors Edition and the first expansion (Invaders from Afar). That means premium resource tokens, metal coins, and the board extension.

The insert you see below does not accommodate sleeved cards but I have included instructions in the plans that will. It also features a tray for the coins. Included in that tray are the explore tokens so you can place them back in as you take them off the board. It has two resource trays so you can spread them out a bit. Each player will receive a tray of plastic and wooden bits to place on their faction and action boards.