We have a Patreon page! If you response was, “Great! Where do I sign up?” head on over via the button below.

If your response was, “Why?”, that is a great question. Let’s rewind a bit and delve into the history of Pub Meeple and I am sure it will become clear.

When Pub Meeple started, it was meant to be nothing more than a local meetup group for board gaming. While we’ve slowly developed the concept into an avenue to express our love for the hobby through various mediums, the Pub has first and foremost been our dinner table – a place to retreat and connect with others who also share in our common interests.

Early on, we had a small but ambitious idea: if we could build a YouTube channel with enough of an audience maybe we could Kickstart some of our game designs. While community and game design were still at the forefront of our aspirations we really enjoyed the content creation aspect that the YouTube channel brought with it. It allowed us to interact with gamers, designers, and publishers. We were also able to create some great how-to videos to help gamers prototype a design or put together a great print and play. The YouTube channel grew as we started covering some local conventions.

Then the website came along – where you are reading this right now. We wanted a central place for people to come for all of our content and game designs. This gave us a whole new avenue to offer gaming resources like foam core insert plans, game references, and reviews. We added the Board Game Ranking Engine last year – a great resource for any gamer who likes to rank different lists of games.

We weren’t content with a YouTube channel and website so we started recording all of our ramblings and the Pub Meeple Podcast was born. This is our youngest endeavor but one we are greatly enjoying.

The more content avenues we pursue, the more the overhead costs are adding up. We also want our content to be the best it can be which means keeping our equipment and software up to date.

Keep in mind that all of the content we produce is FREE for you and will continue to be so. We do not charge for anything we create. This is why we are turning to Patreon. Even though we don’t charge you anything we want you to have a way to support us if you so choose. If you enjoy any of our content please consider helping us cover our hosting and equipment costs by supporting us through Patreon.

Thank you so much for watching our videos, using our website, and listening to our podcast. We love the board game hobby and community around it and we look forward to continuing our involvement in it.