Introducing Ranking Engine 2.0

We’ve updated the Board Game Ranking Engine to give it an all new experience. Find out more here!

The Board Game Ranking Engine was never intended to be put into public use. It was intended to be a simple way for us to rank our games internally. But we were having so much fun with it that, at the end of 2016, we decided to make it available to the public. We had no idea how popular it would be.

It has been used A LOT which is wonderful and we have gotten some great feedback. We’ve continued to add features to the engine over the last year but there was something that always bugged me about it. Because its original intent was to be an internal tool, I didn’t spend much effort on the way it looked and felt to use it. It was very simple but it worked.

We are ready to fix that. Starting today, if you head over to the Ranking Engine you will find a completely new experience . All of the functionality that it had up to this point is still there but we have streamlined the look and flow of the tool. I really enjoy the minimal design but my favorite change this update brings is some simple card animation that cue you when a game changes. Another nice touch is the visual progress bar to help you see where in the process your are.

We believe the BGRE is simple enough that it doesn’t need a lot of text weighing it down. We have moved the documentation for the tool to a dedicated page: Codex: Board Game Ranking Engine.

The process is virtually the same – Import, Rank, Results:


A couple important items to note:

  • The restart and contact buttons have been moved into the drop down menu. They aren’t gone, just in a different place.
  • The equals button was removed to make the tool more focused. Using it did not produce ideal results. Now you must choose between the two listed games.
  • In addition to clicking on a card to vote, you can also use your keyboard arrow keys – Left votes for the game on the left, Right arrow for the right game. Use the Up arrow to undo a vote.

The Board Game Ranking Engine has more functionality on the horizon. Board Game Geek integration is currently in development. We are hoping to add the ability for you to import your collection from there as well as some other fun lists like the BGG top 100. After that, we are hoping to add the ability to save your ranking progress (for those with really longs lists) and sharing and exporting options for your final lists.

As always, if you have ideas for functionality you would like to see please contact us.  And thank you for using the Board Game Ranking Engine!