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Microbrew 5 – Theme vs Mechanisms

Welcome to a Microbrew entry of the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join Gary and Proper Brian for a special versus episode as – Theme versus Mechanics. In the mechanism corner is Gary and in the theme corner is Proper Brian. Ring the bell, start the podcast and let the battle begin.

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Episode 15 – Tips for Teaching

Hello, and welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we provide some tips for teaching games. Teaching is such an important part of the hobby and we are always learning how to do it better. We also dive into a few stories of teaching failures so stick around until the end.

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Episode 14 – Top 10 Games (2018 Edition)

Hello, and welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we talk about our personal top 10 games for 2018. We value your time so check out the show notes on our site so you can jump straight to games you want to hear us discuss. Or just listen through. Either way is fine with us.


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Review: Azul

Azul has had my attention for a while with its colorful presentation but the nomination for the Spiel des Jahres made me try it. Does it live up to all the praise it has received?

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Bryan’s Top 10: 2017 Edition

This year marked a turn in some of my playing and collecting habits. I played with various groups regularly this year and decided I was going to play as many games other people owned to expand my experiences beyond my personal inclinations.

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