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Episode 22 – Only Nine

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join Shuck, Gary, and Proper Brian as they discuss their Only Nine. If we could only keep nine games in our collections, which games would they be? Lots of hard decisions ahead.

But before that, queue up a game of Name the Game – where one of us gives a series of 5 clues about a game and the others try to guess what it is. Points are scored depending on when or if the game is guessed. Since Gary won last episode he is our clue giver.

0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Brew Talk
1:49 – What we’ve been playing
11:36 – Name the Game
16:20 – Top Nine Feature
19:35 – MAIN TOPIC – Only Nine
20:36 – Nine
23:24 – Eight
28:28 – Seven
34:46 – Six
40:07 – Five
45:44 – Four
50:00 – Three
55:22 – Two
1:02:08 – One
1:07:32 – Wrap up

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Episode 13 – Elitism in the Board Gaming Hobby

Hello, and welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we discuss the heavy topic of elitism in board gaming – how it manifests and what we can do about it. We also introduce a new segment – The Gaming Lexicon – where we define a board gaming term and discuss it. This time we tackle the term fiddly. That’s right. Fiddly.

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