We here at Pub Meeple love board games – obviously. I mean, have you seen our website or YouTube channel or listened to our podcast? We love to play them but we also love to talk about them so we started reviewing games here on the site.  While we had fun doing this (and plan to continue though in a less frequent way) we realized that reviewing games really doesn’t fit us.

To put it briefly, we want to invest in the games we love instead of trying to keep up with the current hotness to pump out review after review. Add to that our family priorities and time/money restrictions and reviews make less and less sense for us.

Enter: The Game Spotlight

The Game Spotlight is our way to spend some quality time with our games and let the ones we love shine brightest in the media we create. Each month we will pick a game that we really enjoy and spend a month creating content around it.

Each Spotlight will start off with a Spotlight Article basically telling you why we enjoy and recommend the game and why you should give it a shot. We will follow that up each week with things like foam core insert plans, a podcast, a strategy article, a video, or interviews with the publisher or designer. If we can get the publisher on board we will end the month with a giveaway of the spotlighted game.

If we are Spotlighting a game, you can already know that it is a great game – no review required. The additional content we create for it will allow us to engage with the hobby like we enjoy and enhance the game for you.