The Game: Space Perimeter

A game of exploring the outer reaches of the universe


In the year 4010, Mogul Industries’ influence has expanded so vastly they have established control over the known universe. However, with the development of time travel technology you are one of just four companies that have decided to go back in time and change the course of events. It has been determined that Modul Industries secured their status as a universal monopoly around the year 3087. You have until then to rewrite history.

Space Perimeter is a game where companies (players) explore space by playing square cards from their hands to form the playing board. Cards will have a numerical value on each side. Once a card has been placed, players will add up the total value on the side of the map facing them. This value, or Acclaim, will fluctuate during the course of the game.

Players can use Acclaim to build Space Stations, deploy Spy Probes, or colonize Planets. The goal of the game is to have the highest Acclaim after the last card is drawn.

Game Info

Type: Tile Placement, Area Infuence, Hand Management, Take-That!

Players: 3-4

Length: 30-45 minutes

Ages 10+

Designer: Sean Huck


Preliminary Box Art

The image above shows the preliminary box art design and if we look a little closer we can see a possible mid game scenario below. It’s easy to see that once the game is fully designed and published how a fully played game will look. The thematic exploration of space will be visibly apparent on the board and since the placement of the cards is determined by the players, Space Perimeter has great replay-ability.

Sample Gameplay

You can see more Space Perimeter art below!

Sample Gameplay
Sample Gameplay

Want to give it a try?

Letter and A4 Print n Play sizes available below.


PnP Preview