Yesterday morning I backed Scythe from Stonemaier Games on Kickstarter. I have been paying attention to this game ever since Jamey Stegmaier started talking about it via blogs and podcasts and I was ready to hit the button as soon as the crowd-funding campaign kicked off. Since then there has been a whirlwind of money surrounding this thing to the tune of $450,000 in the first six hours. Quite an amazing feat, but not unexpected considering the Kickstarter success Stonemaier Games has been building since launching Viticulture back in 2012.

What I witnessed today was proof that Jamey Stegmaier has become, through lots of hard work, the best there is in board game kickstarting. He has literally written a book on it. Scythe gained so much attention based on his past track record of game quality, great communication, and timeliness in delivery. Having a consistent track-record in these things gave me confidence in the product I was backing and made me excited to do so, along with thousands of others. I am happy to see all of Jamey’s hard work and dedication create such a successful launch for this game. Hard work really does pay off.

I’m really looking forward to Scythe and you should be too. Go check out the Kickstarter page. It has links to the rules, print and play files, and lots of videos that show off the game. Back it now!