Well folks, it’s finally here! And I’m not talking just about the giant box of Star Wars gaming goodness that is Rebellion. I’m also talking about our my first published rules summary. That’s right. You now have access to a concise list of rules to reference if you need a refresher before a game of Rebellion or if you have a question and you want a quick answer.

One of the things I do while learning big, complex games is to summarize the rules. It helps them stick with me and gives me something to go back to when teaching the game or if I have a quick question. This is the first time I have made the effort to put it into a form that is nice to look at.

I realize that there are probably things I have gotten wrong or completely omitted from this summary. I see this (and all future) summaries as works in progress. I want this resource to be the best it can be so I will make every effort to improve it as I see ways to do so. Feel free to comment and let me know if you see areas that can be improved.