First of all, I must state up front how grateful I am to the users of the Ranking Engine. Since version 2 released at the beginning of July, we’ve had great feedback and generous support for it. Your feedback has made it a better tool and your support will ensure its continued availability. Thank you!

This is the first feature update (v2.1) for version 2 of the Ranking Engine. You can find out more about the core features of version 2 here. Version 2.1 brings the following new features:

  • Shared Templates
  • Group Results
  • Top Nine Image
  • Board Game Geek Search
  • Ranking Auto Save


When I first introduced the ability to save lists to the database I had this far out idea that maybe, someday, people would be able to create lists to share with others. Multiple people could rank that list and then the list owner could get statistics based on those rankings.

I am happy to announce that template sharing and group results are now available. Here is how it works.

First, you will need to create a Template. From the Start tab, select the category you want to use. On the List tab, add items to your list. Once you have your list the way you want, click the Save button. If you are not logged in, it will prompt you to do so. Give your list a title and then click Save. Your template is ready to share.

Next, it is time to share your list. Click on the Account icon in the Ranking Engine menu. This will pull up your lists. You will see your list in the Templates section. You will also see a share icon out to the right. Unshared lists have a gray icon. Clicking that icon will bring up the Share dialog box. To share your list, just toggle the Share switch to On. You can now copy the provided link from the Share dialog and send it to the people you want to rank the list. You will notice that the Share icon in My Lists has turned green meaning it is marked as shared.

Please note, for the link to work, sharing must be turned on. If you want to stop people ranking the list just turn Sharing off.

Once a list has been shared and ranked that list cannot be edited until the ranking data has been reset.


Finally, after some people have ranked the list it is time to get your group results. Bring up the Share dialog again from My Lists. Now you will notice a button that says Results. Clicking that button will take you to the rankings page for your shared list. It will tell you how many times the list has been ranked and give you the statistics for it.

A brief word about scores:

  • Pct Score – each item on a ranked list is given a percent score – representing where it fell on that list. The item ranked number 1 on a list would receive a 100. The Pct Score in the table represents an average of the percent scores across all the ranked lists.
  • Pop Score – the popularity score represents how many times an individual item was ranked based on the total number of times the list was ranked. The highest Pop Score is 20 – so if a list has been ranked 10 times and an item only ended up on 5 of those lists it would have a Pop Score of 10 (50% of 20). Items can end up not being on a list if someone ranking the list deletes an item during the ranking process. This usually indicates that the person didn’t not know enough about the item to rank it. Ideally, everyone will be familiar with all items on a list and will rank all of them, but that isn’t always the case. The Pop Score takes that into consideration.

If you own the list you will be presented with two options (other users cannot see them):

  • Make Results Public – by default the results page is only accessible by the list owner. No one else will be able to view the rankings. You can make the rankings available to others by turning this option to On. Now you can copy the url and give it to others so they can view the rankings also.
  • Clear Results – If you want to reset the results of group results at any time you can click this button. This will remove all result data for the list. This will also make the list editable again if you want to.


One of the most frequently requested features for the Ranking Engine is more ways to share results. One of the most fun ways I see people share their results is with a top nine image. But who wants to go to the trouble to get the images and lay them out in a grid? This feature was created with that in mind.

Please note that this feature only works if your top nine games originated from a BGG collection import since those have images associated with them.

It was important for this to be simple to use, and it is. When you finish ranking a list you will notice a new button above your results list labeled “Top Nine”. Just click this button and it will generate a top nine image for your list.

To save the image just right click (on desktop) or long press (on mobile) and choose Save Image. Then you can share it out where ever you like.


Since sharing templates and top nine images are such a big part of this update, the ability to search BGG for games is a big deal. Instead of only being able to add games from your collection, you can now add any game from BGG with a search. By using games that come from BGG (as opposed to simple text input) they also come with images – which means more people able to use the Top Nine feature.

Using BGG Search is simple. Type in your search query and click Go! In an effort to be thoughtful of BGG and their servers, the Ranking Engine only returns up to 50 games at a time. If you don’t see the game you are looking for in the results just be a bit more specific with your search query. The results come back pre-sorted by BGG rating but you can switch the sorting to alphabetic to help you find something easier.


This version also comes with a bit of extra insurance. After you save your progress once, the Ranking Engine will begin to auto save your progress every few picks you make. There is no longer a reason to keep clicking the save button throughout the ranking process. It will take care of it for you making it even less likely to lose your progress in the event of a disaster.

Keep in mind, this only works after you have made your first save manually – by clicking the Save button, giving it a description, and then clicking Save.

And that wraps things up here. Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions by commenting below, emailing me at, or using our contact form.

As always, the Ranking Engine is not my job so building new features and maintaining it is always dependent on my free time. If you find the tool useful please consider leaving something in the tip jar. It is encouraging to me and it helps with the cost of hosting the tool.

What are you waiting for?