Hello, all you list ranking people! We are back with more updates for the Ranking Engine. The feature we most often get asked for is the ability to save progress while ranking – especially when ranking a giant list of games. I completely understand not wanting to rank 1000 items all in one sitting (yes, we’ve had people say they would like to do this). We have good news for you: saving progress functionality is here, but that isn’t all.

Saving In Progress Lists

If you are ranking a list and find that you can’t finish right now all you have to do is click the Save button in the between the two cards. It does require that you have a user account on our site so we can keep your lists separate from everyone else’s. So if you aren’t logged in, it will prompt you to. After you log in you will be prompted for a description for your list. Click the Save button on the popup and the ranking engine does its magic to save your list. That’s it. Simple.

You can save your list as many times as you like during the process. Each new save will just update the save data from the previous save.

Save Final Lists

Once you are done ranking a list you might want to save it to come back to later either to share or rank again. If you do, just click the Save to My Lists button. If you aren’t logged in it will prompt you to. If you are, it will prompt you for a description for your list then click the save button on the popup. Done. Your final list will be available to you to come back to.

One benefit of this is being able to come back and re-rank a list. With the final list loaded, click “Restart ranking with your current list” from the Ranking Engine drop down menu. This will load your list back into the engine for you to start ranking again.

Go to My Lists

This button is available from the Results tab after you have completed a list or in the Ranking Engine drop down menu. It will take you directly back to the Import tab and show your My Lists section.

My Lists

This is where it all comes together. All of your saved in progress and completed lists will show up here. To load a list simply click on the list you want to load. If you are done with a list and don’t want to see it in your My Lists section anymore, click the trash can. This will permanently delete your list.

A note about your information:
It may be obvious but we are saving information to a database to make all of this functionality possible. Completed lists are added to the database anonymously. Only when you save a list – progress or completed – to My Lists does it attach your user ID to it so we can pull it back up for you at your request.

This is all so we can do some fun data analysis and reporting. We are planning to have some pre-loaded lists for people to rank. After a certain amount of time we will report some stats on how the list was ranked over a large group of people. For example, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or MCU movies. Maybe a battle royale between your favorite characters – who-would-win style. This also fits in nicely with the BGG integration we will be adding soon. We are hoping to allow lots of you to weigh in on the ranking segment of our podcast.