Are we really back again with a Ranking Engine update so soon? Yes, we are! This is one that has been in the works for a while so it is dropping close behind our last update. This time we bring you the much-requested Board Game Geek integration. This will be fairly straightforward for all you BGG users. There are 2 ways to import data from BGG:

  1. Import games from your collection with some optional filters
  2. Import a number of games from the current BGG top 100.

Your Collection To pull your collection from BGG all you have to do is enter your BGG username and click the Submit button. If you don’t touch any of the filters this will return your entire collection – all of it. If you want to limit what the Ranking Engine imports you have several filters available to you.

  • List Type – This allows you to select the type of items you want to view (i.e. owned, played, wishlist games etc.).
  • Minimum Personal Rating – Return items equal to or above the rating you select. Select 0 to return all (rated and unrated).
  • Minimum BGG Rating – Return items equal to or above the rating you select. Select 0 to return all.
  • Exclude Expansions – Select “Yes” to exclude expansions from your list or “No” to include them.

When you click the submit button, the Ranking Engine will request your collection from BGG. These requests are queued by BGG servers but your collection should come back in about a minute (a little longer if their servers are busy). When your collection is ready the Ranking Engine will alert you. To start working with your collection, just click the My Collection button that is now available on the Ranking Engine menu bar.

Even though you are able to filter your list before requesting it there can still be a few games you don’t want to rank. The Ranking Engine will pull up your collection and allow you to preview and edit it before starting the ranking process. Keep in mind that you can always delete items during the ranking process as well. When you are done editing it, click the Next button to start the ranking process.

Top Games Want to see how your tastes line up with the rest of BGG? Rank some of the top games and find out! Just select the number of the top 100 that you want to rank and click Submit. This will load those games into the ranking engine and get you started.

Is there a BGG-related option you don’t see yet? Or maybe just a general feature that you think would make it better? Please contact us and let us know!

What are you waiting for?