Here at Pub Meeple, we believe in options. That is why we provide you two different ratings on our reviews: Mugs and our patent-pending* BPS system.


This rating system is very similar to ones you have seen before. Instead of stars, though, we have mugs. This is Pub Meeple, after all. The number of mugs we give a game will tell you how good we think the game is. Obviously, the more mugs it gets, the better we think it is**. That is inclusive of theme, art, components, mechanisms, and, most importantly, fun.


This game is a must-buy even if your friends already have it. It is worth your time and hard-earned money and deserves a place in your collection.

This is a great game that you should at least play. If no one you know owns it, you may consider buying it.

This game is not fun. Don’t waste your time or money on it. Just don’t.


In addition to our rating systems, we have a couple review types. This is simply to appease the geek in us and to better communicate to you, the reader, what we intend for you to get from it.

Reaction – We have played the game once (maybe twice) and want to share our initial, first-game reaction. We realize our thoughts may change with future plays but we also feel this is valuable information to have since every game you play will have a first time. Knowing what to expect from that first game is important.

Review – We have played the game multiple times and have tried different strategies. We feel that we can comment on the quality of the game and will apply our ratings to it.

* Not really. We don’t have the money for that kind of thing.
** Not to be confused with, the more mugs, the more you must drink to like the game.