Welcome to the hub for all of the games in our workshop. These games are in various stages of development – some being ready for you to print and play, others still in play testing. See one you are interested in? Click through for more details! As always, please contact us is you have any questions or comments.


Game Info: Type: Set Collection, Hand Management | Players: 3-12 | Length: 30 minutes

A light pub game for 3 – 12 players reminiscent of classic card games. No Lookie’s roots are in the line of classic card games like Golf or Polish Poker but brings a variety of new mechanics that offer the modern gaming experience to a vintage, time-tested archetype.


Game Info: Type: Tile Placement, Area Influence, Hand Management| Players: 3-4 | Length: 30-45 minutes

In the year 4010, Mogul Industries’ influence has expanded so vastly they have established control over the known universe. However, with the development of time travel technology you are one of just four companies that have decided to go back in time and change the course of events. It has been determined that Modul Industries secured their status as a universal monopoly around the year 3087. You have until then to rewrite history.