A light pub game for 3 – 12 players reminiscent of classic card games. No Lookie’s roots are in the line of classic card games like Golf or Polish Poker but brings a variety of new mechanics that offer the modern gaming experience to a vintage, time-tested archetype.

The objective of the game is to obtain a predetermined number of victory point cards. To win one of these you must have the lowest score at the end of a hand. A hand consists of five cards dealt faced down to each player. Without looking at the cards, players arrange their hand into two faced down rows in front of them: a top row of two cards and a bottom row of three cards.

Sample Hand

Game Info

Type: Set Collection, Hand Management

Players: 3-12

Length: 30 minutes

Ages 8+

Designer: Bryan Beach

Font: ActionIs by Jeff Levine


Players are allowed to look at the bottom-row cards before play begins, but are not allowed to look at their cards again until the end of the hand (except when discarding of course). The rest of the deck is placed in the center of the table as a draw pile. The top card is turned over next to the draw pile and starts the discard pile. Gameplay follows with draw-discard turns.  Action cards may be discarded to trade, swap, or effect gameplay.

Action Cards

At the end of a hand, the two rows score points that add to a player’s total (remember the objective is to have the lowest score). Each card in the top row adds its numerical value to the player’s score. If all three cards on the bottom row match numerically then all the cards in the bottom row score zero; but if all three cards do not match numerically then each card in the bottom row adds its numerical value to the player’s score as they do on the top row.

Sample Box Art
Numerical Cards

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