GenCon 2016 is in full swing and once again, I couldn’t be there. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen plenty of games being released that I am really interested in. While I won’t be able to pick all of these up I will be looking for every opportunity to try them. If you are looking for games to try research and buy, this list would be a good place to start.

Cry Havoc – a middle-weight sci-fi war game with a really interesting battle mechanism. Players must choose what part of the battle to allocate their troops to: control the territory, take prisoners, or kill opposing units. Players resolve these in the order listed so the outcome of the battle is very much based around play choice. Each phase of the battle offers a different reward so you can lose control of the territory but get a prisoner (which continues to give you points during the game). So you don’t come out with nothing – you just must choose what benefit you really need. Sounds very fun.

Scythe – This is one of the most anticipated games of the year and for good reason. Stonemaier Games has a great track record of making quality games with quality components. When Jamie started talking about this game as Agricola meets 4X I was hooked. Add into that mix an interesting alternate history theme and beautiful artwork and you have a game worthy of your consideration. I almost forgot to add this game since I have already received my copy from the Kickstarter campaign. Check out our review!

SeaFall – the next Legacy game from Rob Daviau. After Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy I am hooked on this formula. I love the storytelling that comes out of these games. Add to that an age of sail theme and a 4X descriptor and I am all in.

The Dragon and Flagon – A programmable movement game based on a tavern brawl. You will be swinging on chandeliers, jumping off of tables, and yanking rugs out from under your opponents. Sounds like some crazy fun.

Mansions of Madness Second Edition – I like what FFG is doing with their apps and this game seems to be a perfect application for it. I was always interested in the first edition but never pulled the trigger since I had heard it was rules-dense to its detriment. The second edition sounds cleaned up and the app is there to help with the rules. I want to give it a shot.

Star Trek Ascendancy – Star Trek 4X. Need I say more? I can see all of the different races playing very differently in this game with some being very combat focused while other are exploration focused. I’m interested to see how this comes together to provide a unique take on the 4X genre.

Terraforming Mars – I saw a picture of this game and wanted to try it. Looks like so many moving parts. What is it with Mars being so popular these days?

The Pursuit of Happiness – I admit it. When I was very young I loved playing The Game of Life. I haven’t played that game in years but I am really interested in a complex strategy game with the same theme.

The Last Friday – Like Scotland Yard, Specter Ops or other hidden movement games but in reverse and then reverse again. In this 1 vs All game one player is a killer. During one phase of the game, they will be chasing the other players. Then things flip on their heads and the other players will be after the killer.

Mystic Vale – I’ve heard this game is a really interesting take on the deck building mechanism. It is called card crafting in the game. Being a big Dominion and deck building fan this one has my attention.