Episode 7 - Scoring Systems

by Pub Meeple | Pub Meeple Podcast

In this episode the guys end the year with a discussion of game endings. From scoring systems to end-game conditions, this podcast is loaded with design intrigue on why games may employ their respective mechanism, which end-game and scoring systems the guys like, and which ones they’d rather do without.

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Show Notes:

Time – Topic

0:00 – Introductions

1:12 – Our Brews

3:44 – Recent Gameplays (Eclipse)

7:39 – Recent Gameplays (Trickerion)

14:16 – Recent Gameplays (Unlock)

16:28 – Recent Gameplays (Haspelknecht)

18:30 – Winter Warmer / Board Game Ranking Engine Enhancements

22:35 – Main Topic – Game Endings (Scoring / Conditions)

24:25 – Game Ends We Like

41:43 – Winter Warmer (again)

44:49 – Game Ends We Don’t Like

1:00:20 – Final Question on Obfuscation