Episode 16 - Keeping up with the joneses

by Pub Meeple | Pub Meeple Podcast

Hello! And welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we discuss “keeping up with the board gaming Joneses”. It is quite easy to look around and see what others in the hobby are buying, playing, and doing and then want to keep pace with them. We wax philosophical about the ebbs and flows of life and hobby and finding contentment where you are instead of where others are tell you to be.

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Show Notes:


0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – Our brews
4:56 – Some recent favorite games
21:46 – Keeping up with the board gaming Jonses
29:55 – When to stop buying games
35:31 – The Shuck method of buying
43:00 – How to stop or slow game-buying
45:35 – The phases and cycles of life and hobby
51:50 – Finding contentment where you are


How to Slow Down Your Purchasing

Why I Stopped Buying Games

Enjoying Your Games Pt 1

Enjoying Your Games Pt 2

The Ideal Collection





Food Chain Magnate


 Just Bryan – Franziskaner
Gary – Southern Pecan by Lazy Magnolia
Proper Brian – Real Heavy Scotch Ale by Real Ale Brewing Co