Episode 13 - Elitism in the Board Gaming Hobby

by Pub Meeple | Pub Meeple Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we discuss elitism in the board game hobby. We try to differentiate between having preferences and using those preferences as a badge of superiority. It is a complex topic for certain and we give it our best go.

We also introduce a new segment in this episode – The Gaming Lexicon. In this segment, we take a dive into a gaming term by defining and discussing it. Fiddly is our term this time. That’s right. Fiddly.

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Show Notes:

Time – Topic

0:00 – Introduction
1:24 – Our Brews
5:27 – Elitism in the board game hobby
31:40 – The Gaming Lexicon – Fiddly

People/Groups/Topics Discussed

Online interactions

Games Discussed:

Cuba Libre
Lords of Vegas
Lords of Xidit
Smash Up
Terraforming Mars
Ticket to Ride

Our Brews:

Just Bryan – Founders Solid Gold
Gary – Founder Solid Gold
Shuck – Founders Scotch Ale
Proper Brian – Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea