Episode 11 - Criticon 2018

by Pub Meeple | Pub Meeple Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we talk about our experience at Criticon 2018. This is a great little convention hosted by Scott Morris of Passport games where we get to playtest some up and coming games. Just Bryan and Proper Brian also talk about their experience helping out in a game design class at a local school.

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Show Notes:

Time – Topic

0:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Our Brews
8:17 – Game design at a local school
18:46 – Criticon 2018
20:12 – Games we playtested
45:42 – Our favorite moments of the weekend

People/Groups/Topics Discussed

Game Design
Scott Morris
Michael Abrahamson
Jeff Dowd

Games Discussed:

Mint Delivery
10000 Goblins
Up Time
Space Perimeter
Blood Bowl Team Manager

Our Brews:

Just Bryan – Dogfish Head – Namaste White Belgian Style Wheat Beer
Gary and Shuck – Rogue Ales – Hazelutely Choctabulous
Proper Brian – Home Brewed Three Philosophers