We read a lot of articles, listen to a lot of podcasts, and watch a lot of videos all about board games every week. So we thought we would bring the best board game links we find to you. So if you want to catch up on a week of board game related stuff in just a few clicks, this is your place.

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

Star Wars Legion – Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight announces Star Wars Legion – a new miniatures game like X-Wing or Armada but with ground troops.

New Fireball Island Coming Soon – Dice Tower News
Restoration Games is restoring the amazing-to-look-at but crappy-to-play game Fireball Island. Here’s looking forward to how they bring this bucket of nostalgia into the modern gaming era.

Stuffed Fables Coming From Plaid Hat – Polygon
The designer of Mice and Mystics (Jerry Hawthorne) is bringing a new family dungeon crawl to your table – Stuffed Fables.

Dice Tower 519
The new Dice Tower Podcast hosts Suzanne and Mandi kick things off.

Whitehall Mystery Review – Game Boy Geek
Yes, Whitehall Mystery has caught our attention. The Game Boy Geek is a big fan of its big brother (Letters from Whitechapel) so hearing his review holds some weight.

Is Play a Right? – Move38
A really interesting read about the relationship between fear and the ability to play.

Tips for Teaching – Pub Meeple
Teaching games well is so important for the board game hobby. Brian gives some tips to help you teach better.

The Ruhr Valley – Capstone Games
The next game in the Haspelknecht series is now available to order.

The Secret Cabal Express 29
The Secret Cabal talks about their favorite things in games and the games that do them well.

Vikings Gone Wild Expansion – Kickstarter
Masters of Elements, an expansion for Vikings Gone Wild, is now available along with a reprint of the original. All original stretch goals are available.

Pub Meeple Podcast – Microbrew 2: Randomization
We discuss randomization in games from a designers perspective. How do you control the random elements in a game to make them fun?

What are some links you think people need to know about this week? Share them in the comments below!

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