We read a lot of articles, listen to a lot of podcasts, and watch a lot of videos all about board games every week. So we thought we would bring the best board game links we find to you. So if you want to catch up on a week of board game related stuff in just a few clicks, this is your place.

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition – Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight has announced the 4th edition to it’s massive space opera game Twilight Imperium. You can find the differences between the 4th and 3rd editions here.

Anachrony Review – Board Game Quest
Board Game quest reviews the time travel worker placement game Anachrony.

Fallout Board Game – Fantasy Flight Games
This seemed like a big deal until FFG announced Twilight Imperium 4th Edition. But still – a game from the video game Fallout.

Century Spice Road: Golem Edition – Plan B Games
The Golem Edition of the new and popular game Century Spice Road is coming at GenCon. It includes some original artwork.

Terra Mystica in Space – Cardboard Republic
The designers of Terra Mystica are releasing a new game called Gaia Project that is similar to the original but is sci-fi themed.

Time Stories: Estrella Drive – Dice Tower News
A new expansion for TIME Stories is coming soon! It will take players to 1980’s Hollywood.

Convention Advice – Married with Board Games
Some great advice if you are headed to a convention – especially with GenCon right around the corner.

8 Things to Consider before buying a game – Married with Board Games
Before you pull out your credit card to buy the 20th game this month (GenCon and all) take time to think it through.

Girls Game Shelf Interview – Pub Meeple
Christina from Girls Game Shelf comes on our podcast for an interview about games (duh), family and diversity.

What are some links you think people need to know about this week? Share them in the comments below!