A short caveat before I begin: this post assumes you are buying games in a financial and relational responsible way. If you can’t pay for your food and shelter because of your game buying habits, you have a problem. If you have to hide your purchases from someone, that’s not healthy.

Hello and welcome to Enjoying Your Games Part 2. In the first post, we introduced some ways to enjoy your board games when you are time-squeezed or people-limited. This post got a great response across different social media. Conversations sprung up around the article with people discussing ways they enjoy their games. Lots of great ideas were thrown around on so I wanted to bring a few of the most-mentioned of them here in case you weren’t part of those conversations.

Enjoy Organizing Your Collection

If you are staring at your collection wishing you had some people to play them with, instead take some time to think through how they are organized. It can be fun to get them off of their shelf or out of the closet, lay them out and figure out a new or better way to put them back. Out of necessity, I used to keep my favorite games on the top shelf and my least favorite on the bottom. Having little kids will make you look at things differently. I’ve also organized by type of game, main mechanism, box size, and color. Whatever suits your fancy, just get them down and play with them by reorganizing them.

Enjoy the Discussion

There are plenty of great online communities built around discussing board games. Get on there and jump in. Name your social media of choice and there are people there talking about board games. (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – just to name a few). Or head on over to the Board Game Geek forums or guilds and get plugged. My local group has set up a Slack group so that we can talk when we aren’t together. Part of the appeal of board games is the social aspect. Get plugged in and start talking. You will find plenty of people to talk to.

Enjoy the Preparation

Do you play X-Wing? Magic? An LCG? If you play anything like these you have plenty of preparation to do that you can enjoy. Build your next great deck, army, or squad.

Enjoy Culling Your Collection

This one might not be for everyone but it is for me. As much time as I spend contemplating new game purchases, I spend an equal amount trying to make sure that my collection is lean and purposeful. I get enjoyment out of watching a game that I don’t play anymore ride off into the sunset. And there are plenty of ways to do this. eBay, math trade, local auctions, or, my favorite, donate them to a place that they can bring some joy to people. Local hospitals and nursing homes would be good places to start.

Enjoy Sharing Your Collection

Board games are inherently good to look at (most are anyway). They are a physical medium with artwork created specifically for them. Why not spend some time taking some great pictures and sharing them with others? Instagram has a thriving board game community (that we are a part of). It is a joy to share these pictures and it is a joy to look at what others have done.

And that’s it for part 2. If you have any additional ways you enjoy your games (besides playing them) please share in the comments.