You can only play a board game for the first time once. That first experience could draw someone back to the table or keep them away from future plays and a lot of that first experience has to do with how a game is introduced and taught.

This is the first time we’ve tried to formally address this by creating a resource for gamers, although I’d say this is a regular focus for me whenever I sit to teach a game. My main focus for any of these first-time experiences is to avoid as much rule bombardment on the front end and get players handling pieces and practicing mechanics as quickly as possible. It doesn’t work for every game and not everyone likes learning games the same way. But as there are many resources floating around on “how to play” which focus on dumping the rules out for the stalwart gamer, I haven’t found many talking about “how to teach” a particular game.

So here you go – a methodology for teaching Great Western Trail.