Welcome to Vegas! It is circa 1950. Development of the famous strip is heating up and you are coming in on the ground floor. Get ready to build some casinos, throw some dice, and gamble your way to the top. There is quite a bit of time that goes into creating these foam core inserts so I am pretty picky about the games I make them for. I try to target 2 types of games:

  1. Games with big organization problems and long setup and teardown times.
  2. Games I will play often.


5mm foam core Self-healing Cutting Mat Metal Ruler With Cork Back Elmer's Glue All Retractable Utility Knive Dressmaker Pins

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In the first case, a foam core insert will actually encourage me to play the game since I won’t have to deal with as much time setting up and tearing down the game. In the second case, it’s nice to have a good storage solution that will be used often and make setting the game up easier.

Lords of Vegas falls into the second category. I consider this a gateway game and a next step game from Monopoly so it will be played often. Not to mention it is simply a great game.

This insert provided me a challenge in that I had a lot of empty space to fill to make everything fit to the top of the box. I also wanted to replace the paper money with poker chips (I used some from this bigger set) in a chip tray (I used this one). In the end, I am very pleased with the results. Setup is simple and it stores great. Let me know what you think!