I’m afraid that almost all my newly purchased games will end up with a foam core insert unless it already has something pretty good in the box. Not that this is a bad thing. I really enjoy making them. For example, I recently picked up Shogun and Concordia. Shogun has a pretty good insert that should make setup and teardown easy. But Concordia, not so much. It had one of those cardboard inserts that just supports the board and has one giant space for all the components to sit in their individual baggies. Pretty standard, but when I saw this my brain immediately went to creating a foam core insert.

The first thing I do when building one of these inserts is to go look for inspiration. There is a great geek list over on BGG where I start. The one I found had pdf plans with measurements. Convenient. I didn’t see any improvements I wanted to make on this design so I just went for it. Here are the results.


5mm foam core Self-healing Cutting Mat Metal Ruler With Cork Back Elmer's Glue All Retractable Utility Knive Dressmaker Pins

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