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We’re just a handful of dads that like to play games, design games, make games, play your games, sleep occasionally, then play some more games.

We also enjoy contributing to the hobby in as many ways as we can. Below you will find a tool to rank your games, our most popular resources, videos, podcast episodes and more.

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Load a list of your games into our ranking engine and then compare them two at a time. May the best game win.

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Episode 7 – Scoring Systems

Welcome to the Pub Meeple podcast! Join us as we discuss game endings and scoring systems and then comment on our least and most favorites.

Episode 6 – Legacy Games

Welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we talk about our experiences at CritiCon and have a discussion about Legacy games.

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Bryan’s Top 10: 2017 Edition

This year marked a turn in some of my playing and collecting habits. I played with various groups regularly this year and decided I was going to play as many games other people owned to expand my experiences beyond my personal inclinations.

Brian’s Top 10: 2017 Edition

2017 was an interesting year for me and board games. Less buying and less time to play. Let’s see how this affected my top ten.

Pub Meeple’s Top Games: 2017 Edition

It’s the end of the year again and you know what that means – it is urgent that we figure out what games we like the best. So here we go! Bring on the Pub Top 5.

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