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Reaction: Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica is one of my grail games. I loved the concepts of the game but when it came out it was hard to find and expensive so I didn’t get it immediately. Fortunately, I received it as a gift. Unfortunately, it languished on my shelf for a couple years. I built a foam core insert so that I could, at least, interact with it and, hopefully, encourage myself to get it to the table. There is always something new to get to the table and the complexity of this game has kept it from coming out. This year,...

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Foam Core: Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica is one of my grail games. People seem to agree that the mechanisms come together nicely to form a great game (it currently sits at #2 on BGG). Unfortunately, I have yet to play it (probably why it is still a grail game for me). I can’t seem to get the right group together with enough time to teach and play it. Well, I decided not to let that keep me from playing with it. Board games are a hobby that require people and time. And those different people’s time has to match up. With a young family...

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