Series: Mission Red Planet

Review: Mission Red Planet

Designers: Bruno Cathala & Bruno Faidutti   |   Players: 2-6   |   Playtime: 45 minutes I’ve never understood the allure of Mars. As planets go, it doesn’t sport the beautiful colors or defining characteristics of some of the super cool bodies in our solar system. And as space deserts go… well, it’s no Arrakis. But this celestial wanderer has been the setting for some of the most imaginative mythology and fiction our planet could romanticise despite the planet’s desolate landscape. Add a little steampunk to the mix and we might stumble onto a fetching scene, indeed. MECHANISMS...

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Foam Core: Mission Red Planet

This project has been a long time coming. When I finished my Forbidden Stars insert I was satisfied. I had created an insert for a brand new game where none existed that I could find. And I had designed it in SketchUp. That experience sated me for a time, not to mention life busyness. But I always knew I would come back since it is just so much fun. Enter: Mission Red Planet. When I start the process of creating an insert I look around BGG and Google to find some inspiration. In the case of this game, I...

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