Series: Forbidden Stars

Review: Forbidden Stars

When Forbidden Stars was announced it immediately hit grail game status. Space combat game with hidden orders, unique card combat and amazing art and components. Yes, yes, and yes! I preordered it, received it, and have been waiting to play it – until now. It finally hit the table last night. THE GAME Forbidden Stars is a space war game where players are trying to achieve victory by capturing a certain number of objectives that are scattered across different planets. During the game, players will be managing their resources, building and deploying their forces, upgrading their (combat and order)...

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Foam Core: Forbidden Stars

I’ve gone on and on in previous posts about why I create foam core inserts for my games. If you are interested in the why you can check out those posts. This time I want to focus on the how. When I have created these inserts in the past I have looked around to see what others have done. Sometimes I would find exactly what I wanted and other times I would find some inspiration to get me going. Forbidden Stars presented a unique situation where there was no inspiration to be found. It was a new enough game...

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