Series: Eclipse

Review: Eclipse

Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Anthrax. It’s continuing mission, to find strange new worlds to subjugate. To seek out new life and new civilizations to destroy. To boldly conquer…..everything. Wait, that isn’t how it goes…. But that is exactly how it goes in the Eclipse universe. It isn’t trying to be the friendly Federation. It is more on the Borg side of things where you shoot first, no questions asked, and assimilate planets to your cause. If diplomacy happens it is tenuous and short-lived. A game of Eclipse exists in a universe of...

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Foam Core: Eclipse

One of the things that can keep a game off the table is set up and tear down time. Eclipse is a pretty bad offender in this regard. Finding a storage solution for all of the different starship parts and other tiles can be difficult. I had tried a Plano box solution which worked pretty good but since the boxes I used were not custom made for the pieces it left the box lifted and some of the tiles, while organized, were still hard to get out. I was also using 2 Plano boxes which meant a good bit...

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