Series: Dead of Winter

Reaction: Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter is a game that has received lots of attention since its release and for good reason. It is a highly thematic game of survival and intrigue. I am not usually a fan of zombie games but in this game they act merely as a backdrop to the unfolding story of a colony of survivors. I think that is the main thing players need to know going in. It is less about the mechanisms and more about the people. This game should play and feel like an episode of TV series. Every character has competing interests, but...

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Foam Core: Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter entered my collection this week and provided the perfect opportunity to create another foam core insert. My first foam core insert for Imperial Assault was a product of following instructions provided by the Esoteric Order of Gamers‘ wonderful plans so I looked up their plans for Dead of Winter. But the more I looked at their plans I realized I wanted to do something different. The time was here to design my own insert. Since I already had the plans from EOoG up I used some of their dimensions to create the base box and walls. I really...

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