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Teaching Guide: Great Western Trail

You can only play a board game for the first time once. That first experience could draw someone back to the table or keep them away from future plays and a lot of that first experience has to do with how a game is introduced and taught.

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Bryan’s Top 10: 2016 Edition

When I picked out last year’s top 10, I went through the big list of games and started eliminating games until I had a healthy top 30 or so, then I picked out what I thought were the best. Different factors play into those kinds of decisions like particular experiences and nostalgia, staying power within the hobby, and the idea that a game represents its genre better than others. This year I took a top 30 list of games through our ranking engine with one thing in mind: what do I want to play more? I was surprised by...

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Review: Colt Express

Designers: Christophe Raimbault  |   Players: 2-6   |   Playtime: 30 minutes This last year I’ve been on a programming game stint in hopes I could finally lock down my feelings for this genre of play. Ever since my first game of Robo Rally I have been torn between wanting to like this kind of game while just not liking this kind of game. I have still been unable to pinpoint what the particular threshold is for me, but I have discovered that I am very polarized to these games (i.e. I really like them or I really,...

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Lessons Learned: Convention Coverage

Most of you are like us: burgeoning hobbyists that dream of a time when the rest of life’s obligations integrate gaming beyond the sessional fixes. And some of us even have this obsessive desire for contributing something that the global gaming community will accept, providing yet another layer of participation in this pastime we’ve come to love. While we’re not all designers, artists, or publishers, those aspects of the gaming industry are less accessible to many of us anyway. Where most of us find an accessible outlet to the larger community is our voice, whether in forum participation, ratings...

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Review: Lords of Xidit

Designers: Régis Bonnessée |   Players: 3-5   |   Playtime: 90-120 minutes When I first bought Lords of Xidit, I immediately dumped out all the components for a classic evening of box organization… which is just our way of excuse to play with a new toy. While attempting to build an insert for the game, I realized that there are so many components and physically no space for the inclusion of 5mm foamboard dividers within the confines of the box. There are a ton of bits. That’s generally a plus for me, but more on that later. For...

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